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I’m Tiffany, a maestro of creating and scaling real estate virtual assistant businesses.

To learn from my 9 years of experience all you need to do is join the masterclass, we will be releasing the training soon!

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You can increase revenue without losing control of your personal life.
You can acquire teams without overwhelming your staff.
You can scale even if you have never scaled a business before.

I have gone before you and cleared the path and I created the curriculum, resources and community to provide a safe arrival to your next level. 

Are you a real estate virtual assistant...


looking to scale your business, increase revenue without allowing it to consume your entire life? 

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Are you a budding CEO...

looking to start a business supporting real estate agents but don't know where to start and the proper way to launch? 

“Tiffany was the best choice I’ve made for growing my business, hands down. She’s a freaking creative genius!” 

- Blair Conrad

I have worked a corporate job and left the comfort and consistency of that salary to pursue my real estate virtual assistant business. 

I had success with my business and had to hire my first employee. 

I decided it was time to grow and built out teams and departments. 

I have restructured my business from reactive to a procedural nucleus with systems and processes. 

I became a leader in the industry in the state of Texas and bought out other real estate virtual assistant companies and integrated their business into the efficiency machine of mine.

Now I'm helping others do the same. 

My name is Tiffany Haynes and it's my absolute pleasure to meet you! Jianbing next level.

About me


7 Biggest Mistakes CEO's Make When Hiring Assistants

I have seen it all and would like to ensure you avoid the pitfalls of hiring your new assistant. There is absolutely a right and wrong way to go about selecting prime talent. 

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Top resources

Business Systems and Processes & What to Change First

Learn how to perfect business systems and processes to set yourself up for success. 

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What is Your Dream Opportunity? 

What is Your Dream Opportunity in Business? If you could do anything you wanted to be successful what would you do? 


How to Apply What You Learn Immediately!

Are you consuming information but don't feel like you are applying what you are learning? I am here to show you how!

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Helping Real Estate Virtual Assistants Optimize, Systematize, and Radically Grow the Revenue of their 


Our goal is to contribute to your success, efficiency and professional development so you can work smarter and not harder and carve out the time to work ON your business and not IN your business!

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Whether you have a tagline you need made over or you don't have one at all, Tiffany has got some tips to help you come up with something professional and catchy for your business.

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