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In my elite mentorship my team and I personally coach and train you on how to launch, excel and thrive in your transaction coordinating and real estate assistant business. I will show you how I went from working in my business to working on my business. 

Ascension Mastermind

Enter a Rookie, Leave an Expert!  

Ascension Mastermind is a year long mentorship to establish and catapult your Real Estate Assistant Business into the the stratosphere! With rock solid automations, master salesman tactics and acceleration plays that will have you running laps around your competition. 

Covering every aspect of the business: the mindset of excellence, we will teach you Client-Centered Transaction Coordinating, Maximize Opportunity on Listing Coordinating, how to be a Real Estate Marketing Mastermind, Organization that prepares you for volume and efficiency, and Goal & Business Planning to ensure success is consistent. It is our mission and commitment to have you covered.

What you get...


Thriving real estate virtual assistant company that will allow you the freedom to take a side hustle and make it your sole source of income.


How to go from profitable to thriving and how to increase the streams within the company you are already working in. 


How to have complete control over your time and work full time on your business not in your business.

Here’s What You Need...

Come Ready with a Dream Opportunity

Think BIG. What is your real estate dream opportunity? I need you to think about what your net worth would be if it was quadrupled. 

come ready to Plan

Come ready to strategize your goals for your real estate business. 

come ready to execute what you learn 

You can dream big, and build out a beautiful plan, but it does no good if you don't Execute what you have learned!  

“We started off making 25,000 a year in our business and in less than 3 years Tiffany has taken us to over a million dollars.” 

- Rochelle T. Parks -


How does this sound?

the results you're going to get:


Fully automated virtual real estate assistant company.


Proven marketing strategies that will get clients within the first 30 days.


Shift from working in your business to on your business. 


 Increase revenue without losing
control of your personal life. 

Is This Right For You?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level to achieve your dream opportunity by establishing a proven business model?

is that a yes?

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